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Nokia N8 in the test

The guys from BestBoyZ have found a new, again very very good, Nokia's new flagship N8 to review online. Whopping 56 minutes long, the smartphone is illuminated and presents all the features.
So who is interested in the N8, should look at the video times.

Otherwise, Nokia has quite a lot to catch up. Have long since Google and Apple mobile phone market dominated (yes, Symbian is the most used OS, blah. Compared to Android or iOS Symbian is pretty yuck.). Whether Nokia N8 succeed with the turn, you can see in the video.

PS: BestBoyZ should keep her in the eyes. The guys some great reviews!

First experiences Kaspersky PURE / short test

The zealous Scatterd stalker it will have perhaps read along: I chose Bjorn Windows Blog a single license of Kaspersky PURE won, the latest version of the security suite of Russian IT-security company Kaspersky. Thanks again at this point for the win! I can use it well, but I had not really adequate security solution for my system since switching from XP to Windows 7. I actually had previously already installed Kaspersky Security Suite. These were the Kaspersky suite, which is included on the computer screen. However, it was at this software so that it was not really suitable for Windows 7. The software has been adapted well manually for the new system and was released after a while. The whole was called Kaspersky Security Suite CBE Win7 then and I was somehow suspect.
I'm still a while then went with the software. Problems I had not the end. However, I noticed that the PC was somewhat slower, which was probably due to the Kaspersky. Fortunately, I have but now won Kaspersky PURE, so I could sweep this "half-half" solution from the computer.

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Tests for iPad

For a few days, the latest product from Apple called iPad is now on the market. Since I have about as good as never reported and usually also currently have little time (Abitur), I thought I'd imagine even a few videos of tests of the iPad online.

(I know that's really not the fine art of creating content. However, I am currently almost forced to. I do not want the blog so let them die.)

Multi-Messenger in comparison - and a minus point for half

Just yesterday, is only a new build of Digsby been released. And I was amazed at how great the thing but now looks like and what it can do. ICQ, MSN, Jabber, Facebook, Twitter. Simply everything! And all for free. Niente you have to pay. Does not sound bad until I went to my first (few months ago) attempt to install the thing at first glance. The latter was actually pretty straightforward, except for the advertising that is "offered" to the user during installation, disturbed. But that also did not matter, tick away and ready. So, why not Digbsy? Or Miranda? QIP? What is it now? 5 messenger in the round-shock.


The first time makes Digsby . Digsby provides everything a user needs: The most commonly used protocols and connection to your favorite social networking services such as Facebook or Twitter. Yes, even the gmail account, you can retrieve with this -in the truest sense of the Wortes- Multi-Messenger. Only the program is well reputed in English, but actually the young PC users should not slow down. For all fans of visual entertainment here's a video of everything that can Digsby.


Trillian is likely some of you be familiar. There also is a Multi-Messenger. Since the relaunch of Trillian, which now adorns itself with the increases Astra Trillian Astra supports a sheer plethora of protocols. MSN, ICQ, YAHOO, AIM, but also IRC or social networks like Twitter, Myspace and Facebook are one of the party. Actually, here every wish. The thing even there in German. But unfortunately there is one thing that annoy me to Trillian Astra and Digsby tidy.

IM passwords in the cloud server

Actually, Digsby, Trillian and do so much right. After my little anecdote in the above section of this article, the resourceful and avid followers asks (and philosophers) dogs: Yes, why did they not the Moppet on your PC when it is so awesome, the answer is actually answered quickly: Both Messenger Save all IM data, so your passwords to your account, depositing it in the program, on our own server. When you first start the program you created an account with the manufacturer of Multi-Messenger and then linked all IM accounts such as ICQ, AIM or Twitter account with this one. The data is not stored on your computer, but centrally in the network. The course also has advantages: You can log in with only a username and a password to all linked accounts. For me, my passwords are still on my PC. Also, if the producers promise to transfer everything encrypted, I am not entirely comfortable with the idea, my history or account data somewhere, on some servers around. I will not be easy. My dates are on my PC. But what to do?


So one goes on the continued search for messengers. Over time, you will be at Miranda can not ignore. This is an open-source multi-messenger. Again, there are no limits. To enumerate all the protocols would be a bit out of place. I'm sure Miranda has what you want. Miranda has it all. But there lies the problem: Miranda has so much that it is to look for a layman hardly. The installation of plugins is difficult even for an experienced user. I certainly did not want me only hours zuquälen with the installation of plugins around, so before I got the messenger, I might have it. So Miranda falls away for me also. But unfortunately there is not much left of messengers.


QIP I took a very long time. I was very happy with it. QIP is simple. QIP works. Just chat. All I want. I do not want any stupid games. No stupid ICQ 6 Fairground GUI. There is now a new version of QIP, QIP Infium be scolded. She has never liked me. I always have the old QIP 2005 used. The stupid thing was just only does this only supports the ICQ protocol and file transfers almost never worked.


Funny name, great Messenger. If I did not know better, I'd say qutIM is a clone of QIP. It has almost the same features, the same appearance. Only supports more protocols that matters. Well, so many are not now. ICQ, Jabber, IRC and a few other Russian service (the programmer comes from Russia). In the network, the data is not stored. qutIM is ideal for me. Unfortunately, social networks are not supported. A few can be added through plugins in my opinion. But before I do not use these services in a messenger to me the stuff does not matter.

I qutIM only a short time in use, but I'm relatively sure I will go and stay with it. Yes, even the chat histories can be imported from a number of IM's on the integrated history manager. For me and QIP but that did not work so well. What a pity.

But I still think qutIM will be my new permanent candidate. Ultimately, everyone must know himself what he wants to use Messenger yes. However, I am very satisfied with qutIM.

First tried Else!

Golem was at the Mobile World Congress 2010 and has immediately once visited the booth ELSE to try out their future flagship model, the First ELSE and times to lend a hand. It came out is the following video:

Palm Pre Plus and iPhone 3GS compared [Video]

Techno Buffalo was once so kind to the republished version of the Palm Pre, Palm Pre Plus let the teams against the top dog of Apple, the iPhone 3GS. Here is the comparison video:

Presentation of the First ELSE

Here is a small, 5-minute presentation of the First Else on Israeli mobile developers Else. Good to see the fully animated interface in Minority Report style. Everything looks very futuristic but elegant:

What will the iPad be that way? + Test Video!

Actually you do not even talk about what the iPad is. In the Zwitscherszene can anyway any deal with the hashtag. The article here should also not be a mere Factpushing. But come on, a bit: The iPad is basically a normal tablet PC (or slate, as Microsoft has but recently renamed the things). The iPad has a 1 GHz processor (Apple A4), a 9.7-inch capacitive touch screen, a wireless chip, optional 3G, 16-64 GB of flash memory and speakers and a headphone jack. All this is in any case, to undercut existing Tablets really the same.

What makes you so but with an iPad? As a TV magazine, the thing would still make not bad. Or as a newspaper. Looks quite chic. But no, not yet. On such a display to read permanently is not as easy on the eyes. Finally, there is good reason eInk displays. At the site may also be a link to a mirror-satire given.

In addition, one should not of its elegant design (which I liked actually do not so hot) blinded. The unit has still not multitasking. It is therefore not possible to have two or more open application simultaneously. That's a shame, especially since that's indispensable for a computer. Especially for a device on which men ought to work. Should I stop an application to open the next it about time? Hello? WTH?

Let's get to the next story, Flash. So far it has not got to the series Apple To support Flash. It looks at how a keynote yesterday's not just beautiful when you go to the website of New York Times and the entire right Flashblock the margin is missing . I find it frankly embarrassing that the 2nd largest IT companies are still reluctant world against a correct representation of websites. Here you will but cooperate on the part of Adobe's .

A camera is actually not present so brisk video chats probably would also history. Since it is ultimately the question: What does the iPad actually be? A kind of big iPod touch? Or a Maxi iPhone inelegant and whistles? Or is that a iPhone iPad nano ?

Mainly, I can imagine the device in the business sector. Fast times make an appointment, manage addresses and create presentations in an elegant way. But it's really too expensive. $ 499 you have to shell out for the tablet.

Personally, I would rather that waiting for a Slate with Windows 7. The latter now also has multi-touch (and multitasking!). In addition, Flash support and everything else. What more could you want? The HP Slate would be for example a nice candidate. Sorry if now is the Apple fans stand stupid. But where is the advantage of an iPad compared to a Slates? In my opinion it is so that the slates there really have the edge. If you do not think so, yes you can immortalize your opinion in the comments :)

Oh, and here the promised test video to iPad from engadget:

Price of the Nexus One + a thorough check to Google phone with Videos!

Eieiei, there has engadget yes really carved out sensitive information. Their information according , to the Google Nexus One in Europe are sold in the coming weeks at a price of 450 €. Contract Free! May be doubted whether this is true information, including referring engadget on the French journal Le Point and therefore no official statements from Google.
The price of a mobile phone is contract-bound still € 200.

In addition, a very detailed engadget has now test for the Nexus One published. Write to put here together now would be inappropriate and unfair, but the item is over 3,500 words. However, I can tell you embed the few videos here that has turned engadget:

Nexus One Voice recognition:

Nexus One Browser Comparison

Nexus One UI Overview

Another Google Nexus One Review - this time professionally!

Engadget is the first magazine to give a sample copy has to be asked about the new Google phone Nexus One is available and is thus the first magazine, which can publish a professional first review about this product, you still only amateur videos recorded discovered so far. Before the video I cough you some key figures in the face:

Under the hood of the Nexus One probably put an appliance manufactured by HTC. It is a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor installed, 512 MB ROM and 512 MB RAM. The device runs Google's Android 2.1 operating system in-house. In addition, a 4 GB microSD memory card is included (up to 32 GB memory cards should be able to handle the device). In addition, a brightness sensor, a is proximity sensor and an acceleration sensor installed.
For the optical moments a 5 MP Cam has been installed, which should also provide for good night shots with LED flash. The Nexus One is thinner than the iPhone. But what good is sadly lacking multitouch. That should be to cope.

But here the video on the Nexus One:

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