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Micro Jobs: Is it worth it at all?

At the moment they are on everyone's lips: Micro jobs. It is an even smaller form of mini-jobs that are mostly done online or for which one needs at least one smartphone. There are different concepts, but in general, the framework principle works the same: companies take the Micro Jobs site approach with an order. The order itself is broken down into many small pieces, each piece of the puzzle can be done by a user. At the end of the puzzle is then assembled quasi again and the job was done. The Micro jobs are mostly for transcription jobs (translation of videos / audios in text form), categorization, or otherwise, does not require a lot of know-how. One thing that all providers but in common: They are using a Crowd, a large user base that does the work.

The most interesting question of all is, of course: What you earn there actually, in these micro jobs? Well, this is different from provider to provider. Therefore, I present you here a few services before.

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Reminder: Palm Pre for 150 euros at Pearl

One or the other knows for sure already know about it: The mail order company Pearl just sold the Palm Pre for just 150 euros. Not much for a smartphone that has cost a lot more coal a few weeks ago. After Palm but was then virtually broke and HP, the company had ripped under the nail, you knew well with the many produced pre's nothing else to do.

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New Wikileaks leak rather amusing, as spectacular ... or maybe it is?

The leak was indeed a good start: A logistics mishap a kiosk in Basel had already offered the Spiegel edition of tomorrow for sale. To read the new leak of the whistle-blower website Wikileaks be, namely the despatches of the Americans. So the reports about how America sees the world - and their politicians. Also from Germany. And our good Westerwave it comes away not good.

Overall, it must be said, however, that the leak is not just "pops", such as the Iraq video, or even the myriad of documents. And although the extent of such leaks should probably be larger than the Previous, he is not very much more exciting. In my opinion. I find it rather funny and amusing, such as the U.S. Department of State rated our politicians. Westerwelle, for example, was very critical and only Secretary of State, because the office binds to the post of Vice-Chancellor. Merkel, however, be in better hands. Ouch!

And, actually ... that was not already known? Especially with his "It is Germany here" appearance was clear that the FDP captain is not the best man for the office of the Foreign Ministry. In the aspect of it is rather amusing that the U.S. sees exactly the same. The embarrassing thing is that the opinion of the Americans is now public and the FDP This does not just appear in a better light.

Everything else is so far not so spectacular: Obama scores not so in Europe, Merkel is probably "pragmatic" and Seehofer has a limited horizon. Where is the scandal?

[Via Daniel Bröckerhoff ]


How to read in the comments below, there are SPIEGEL probably a 30-page dossier.

Among other things there are to come to the language Putin and the Georgian crisis, Israeli spies, the Iran nuclear bomb, the ratio of USA-Turkey, Ausspähungen Ban Ki Moon.

[Via Daniel Bröckerhoff ]

Blu-ray skip? Not with me.

Just now I was leafing through my RSS reader. That was actually pretty fast, Sunday is indeed mostly not so much going on in the blog world. But an article on Basic Thinking I could not get past: Basic Flashback: And if we just skip Blu-ray? . Summarized coarse it is important that the optical storage media slowly dying out due to the broadband expansion and thus more and more shooting from the floor streaming services. So why rely on Bluray player and not immediately forgo entirely on quite valuable-looking discs?

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The First Else is history - the development is set

Unfortunately, there is sad news for fans of Emblaze First Else smartphone: There are difficulties with the supplier, which is developing the mobile phone set . In addition, the developers were never quite satisfied with their own product.

The First Else is particularly struck by the innovative new controller. The menu had a fan structure , so that one could reach each sub-item and every function of the phone with your thumb. Was made possible by the a modified version of Linux that powered smartphone.

Since the First Else, is history. Too bad, I had taken it in the secret circle of my Favourites with. Furthermore, the development Emblaze has cost to date $ 40 million. A whole pile of money, considering that the project is simply dropped.
And what does the company do? They want to continue working on the OS on, so you can drive with licensing money. Admittedly, the control was awesome, even if only to go right handed so compliant. Hardware developments, there will be no more Emblaze.

Eat.ly - food in community service

Interested actually anyone during the Football World Cup, what I write here? Well I hope so, because today I want to introduce to you a new social network, what I at netzwertig have picked up and the name eat.ly hear. It is, as the name suggests, in this page about food.

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iPhone 4 Retina Display Test

Yes, there was much talk about the iPhone 4 in the last days. I must confess frankly that I now can not find the new iPhone outstanding. It just blows me not from the stool. Solely the very high-resolution display makes me happy. Such resolution has so far had never been installed in a display. 960 × 640 pixels summarizes the display to be exact. Multiplying these figures, one comes to a total of 614,400 pixels on 3.5 inches! Since one or the other naturally asks how that goes. The principle is quite easy: you make the pixels smaller, and gets more so on a surface. So summarizes an inch on the iPhone 326 pixels. The eye can perceive (on a "normal" range) 300 pixels per inch. Applying this idea to the new iPhone, it becomes evident that the human eye may not perceive the gaps between the many pixels.

I have at PCWorld found 2 pictures that show and compare the display of the old and the display of the new iPhone.

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Shirt4Link - A t-shirt's for free!

I've long wondered whether I participate in this campaign, because I somehow could not decide which shirt I should take - the selection of good motives is so great. You do not know what I'm talking about? Na from the Shirt4Link action of 3dsupply . That's the shop that I've ever gotten paid to T-shirts, when I saw the idea of the motive " Bud Spencer & Terence Hill - World Heritage "'ve posted (by the way is now a best seller in the shop ;)).

In Shirt4Link you have also the chance to dust off a T-shirt with motif of your choice. If you have a blog, so you can write an article about the action and the action to fill form on the website . After a quick check (no spam blogs, min. 100 visitors per day, min. Half a year of existence), the shirt is already sent to your address.

I have the T-shirt I finally " sound or decided. " Fits quite well with the one or the other party ;)

Happy Easter!

The colossal one-man team of Scatterd.de wishes all readers a Happy Easter and a few quiet days.


At the moment I still in its preparations for my high school. In about a month it should but "already" with the written tests be over. From there on, there will again be more articles. We promise!

(Picture: peet-ASTN , CC-BY 2.0 )

Google makes Twitter competition: Google Buzz is here!

There are not a few minutes elapsed, as put Google at the press conference their new product before . It is a kind of real-time status of service and answers to the name Google Buzz . Before you begin to a little video.


These two minutes moving image material to illustrate very well the functions of Buzz. With Buzz, there is every Gmail account owner is able to inform other people about the current state of things. Have a prepared list of people has been created to get you started, follow you. This list can be extended of course. Basically, the whole thing works so like Twitter.

Moreover, it is possible to connect the Buzzkonto with other social networking services such as Twitter, friendfeed or flickr. Unlike Twitter, it is also possible to insert videos, photos or maps natively in the posts. Twitter are numerous side services such as for these functions twitpic or twtpoll ready. It is also possible to include all the sites in your posts. For this purpose, the respective element " torn ". Negative is, of course, that this may generate a lot of traffic with the operators of the websites. All in all, countless media are directly involved in the posts.

Moreover, one can I decide whether a post is made public only for a private group of people or for all. On Twitter you can only generalize here, that is: either the entire account private or not at all.

A real advantage of Buzz, however, is the search for other relevant posts. Suggestions are always displayed under a buzz. This could prove useful, Google continued but at the Search page, so by because they assessed the relevance of a website and not just as another search engine (at that time), were just looking for links.

Ultimately decides the mass, which service they want to use. Google, however, is from the outset in possession of countless GMail accounts. One or the other so might not be averse therefore, Buzz try it.

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