Ihr wollt einen Battlefield Heroes Beta-Key… ?

… dann habt ihr jetzt die Chance dazu! So heißt es bei einer News der offiziellen BF:H Seite:

Hello Heroes.

We have partnered with some of the greatest gaming sites to bring you even more Beta keys.

Beginning early next week visit any of these sites and either log in or quickly create a free account to benefit of this special *free* offer.

Our Partners:
GameSpot UK

You have to be quick! Each of our partners has a bunch of Beta keys which they will spread out over a period of several days.
So don’t worry if you miss out on day one, in stead be ready to jump on it the next day!

In addition to this Beta Key bonanza, Fileplanet subscribers, who are used to getting their Beta keys before everyone else, will already be able to log in this coming Thursday, April 23rd.

Also check out our server rental partners, as they will be running beta key campaigns as from next week too!

Konkret heißt das, dass ihr nächste Woche auf den oben aufgelisteten Seiten die Chance habt, einen Key zu ergattern, indem ihr euch dort registriert. Haltet also nächste Woche die Augen offen 😉

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